Introducing: Pequity's Total Compensation Overview + Employee Portal

Pequity's new Total Compensation Overview + Employee Portal

Pequity has been hard at work over the past few months, developing new compensation management solutions that HR professionals have been requesting. We have also been busy enhancing and expanding our existing features.

Coming up next on our list of new features is the Employee Total Compensation Overview and a brand-new employee portal. These additions have been specifically designed to simplify the process of creating a comprehensive total compensation overview for your employees.


Explaining Total Compensation, Made Easy

Measuring total compensation can be quite challenging as it involves translating words into numbers. Even if you offer competitive pay, equity, and rewards, determining their exact monetary value can be tricky.

Pequity has solved that problem.

Here are the three main issues that Pequity's new release addresses when explaining employee earnings beyond the commonly understood salary figure:

✅ Empowering Employee Portal: The new Employee Portal allows employees to easily access their comprehensive compensation overview by signing up for a Pequity account.

✅ Clear Equity Display: Instead of presenting equity as a lump sum, it is broken down at the grant level. This simplifies understanding and provides a real-time view of current equity status.

✅ Comprehensive Admin View: Administrators have access to all components of an employee's total compensation, including equity breakdown and vesting schedule. This gives a holistic picture of compensation elements.

This information is crucial because it provides admins and employees with a snapshot of their current standing and future earning potential as vested shares accumulate.

Valuate Employee Equity

Equity is becoming increasingly vital in employee compensation, as it offers significant benefits to both the company and the individual. However, understanding equity compensation can be complex, especially without accurate and detailed information. This can make it even more challenging to comprehend and explain how it impacts an individual's pay.

Fortunately, with Pequity's new compensation overview, You can get a complete overview of important equity statistics, including total granted, vested, and unvested shares, as well as estimated values for each category.

Pequity Equity Analysis Dashboard


Enable Employees to See and Understand the Full Value of Their Compensation Package

The new Pequity Employee Portal goes above and beyond in promoting transparency by offering a detailed breakdown of each component of compensation. This provides employees with valuable resources to negotiate salary increases, improve financial planning, and receive a comprehensive total compensation statement.

Pequity's Total Compensation Admin Dashboard

Make Compensation Discussions Easier and More Transparent

Unlike many other compensation software companies that offer an employee portal that often goes unnoticed by users, Pequity's Employee Compensation Overview serves as a powerful tool for admins and managers to provide a comprehensive understanding of each employee's pay. By breaking down salary, equity, and bonuses, it allows for a complete picture to be painted. Additionally, admins have the flexibility to configure which employee data is displayed in the overview.


Pequity's Employee Portal


Pequity's Employee Compensation Overview & Employee Portal will be available in mid-October. Sign up here to be notified when it's launched!


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