How Pequity is Prepping for HR Tech '23

Pequity at HR Tech 2023

As we gear up for our debut at the HR Tech Conference, we're thrilled to be part of this industry event. We'd like to share why Pequity is excited to join, common questions we hear at events like this from HR leaders and compensation professionals facing the same challenges our platform addresses, and the speakers and sessions that have us eagerly counting down the days.

Why HR Tech is on Pequity's Calendar

While this conference isn't new, HR Technology is a relatively recent addition to the software industry, particularly for technology beyond HR management systems. This event is now the main stage for showcasing the latest HR innovations and tech.

For professionals who have been in the HR and compensation game for a while, this is a great opportunity to learn about new technology and ways they can streamline and automate processes that have traditionally been very manual and time-consuming.

Introduction to Pequity

As the number of compensation software companies and compensation complexities grow, our team often faces important questions about our approach, experience, and platform.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we get when introducing Pequity at events for the first time:

1. How is Pequity different from other compensation software platforms?

— Great question!

Our team consists of experienced compensation managers who have worked at top companies like Google, Instacart, Cruise, and more. We have a deep understanding of the importance of self-service, personalized support, and flexible, secure designs.

2. How does Pequity work with an HRIS?

— You are really hitting on all cylinders with these questions!

Pequity seamlessly integrates with more than 50 HRIS platforms, providing three different integration options to effortlessly aggregate data from your HRIS, cap tables, and even existing spreadsheets.

3. What else can Pequity do?

— So much more!

With our unique blend of software, expert led support and add-on services, we can guarantee accurate and dependable compensation programs, with less overhead and expense.

Sessions we won't be missing

Donna Goldstein - Global Head of People Operations (Moody's)

Session: Reimagined Work is Here- and it's starting in HR

Why it's a must-see: This session will highlight the positive impact of technology on human-centered workforces and emphasize the crucial role of HR in driving this technological transformation.

Kylie Kingston - Managing Dr. of HR Technology and People Services (FedEx)

Session: The ROI of Conversational AI: How FedEx Ground Transformed High-Volume Hiring with Speed and Simplicity

Why it's a must-see: This session is especially exciting for us because we understand the challenges of hiring in today's competitive landscape, especially for a powerhouse like FedEx. It's crucial for our platform to stay ahead and adapt to the changing demands of our large clients, who are increasingly turning to technology for their recruitment and hiring needs.

Valerie Norton - Chief People Officer (Habitat for Humanity)

Session: Flexible Work for All: 5 Ways CHROs Are Leading the Future of Work

Why it's a must-see: This panel discussion will tackle a big pandemic-related challenge: How can we make a work setup that's flexible, inclusive, and works for both frontline and knowledge workers? 

Allyson Young - Chief People Officer (Sport Clips)

Session: A Cut Above: How Sport Clips Creates the Ultimate Workplace Experience

Why it's a must-see: Sport Clips prioritizes ongoing employee education and training. In this session, they'll discuss the significance of emphasizing growth and career development during the hiring process, and how it ultimately attracts and retains top talent.

We want to meet you!

As we mentioned earlier, this is our team's first time attending HR Tech, and we're really excited to meet and with fellow HR professionals. If you're interested in learning more about Pequity or want to introduce us to your company, let's connect!

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