How Pequity and UKG Make the Ideal Pair for Effortless Compensation Management

Pequity integrates with over 50 HRIS, HCM, and Payroll systems to bring in up-to-date employee compensation records - funneling into the following app experiences: compensation planning, employee spend analytics, employee range matching & peer medians, and employee compensation portals.

UKG is one of Pequity’s most popular HRIS partners among industry-leading Pequity customers like Uber Freight and ezCater.


Together, Pequity with UKG creates the optimum compensation planning experience

While UKG specializes in HR, payroll, talent, time & attendance, and scheduling for companies that span both hourly and salaried employees, Pequity is the most flexible and secure compensation planning solution for companies that span both hourly and salaried employees.

Pequity offers a more affordable, flexible, speedy, and intuitive compensation experience compared to UKG Pro - all with the added benefit of guidance and compensation expertise from the Pequity team.


What you get by pairing UKG + Pequity at the platform level

Features UKG without Pequity Pequity + UKG
In-platform Comp Expert Support  
Customizable pay band creation  
Market data ingestion
Spreadsheet-like logic capabilities Limited
Time to set-up & test 10 months 1 month
Recruiter tools for faster & more accurate offers
Visual offer letters and employee portals
Customizable total reward letters Not customizable
Compensation cycle management
Integrations with data sanitation  


What you get by supplementing UKG + Pequity for compensation cycles

Functionality UKG Pequity + UKG
Flexible columns positions + headers  
Ability to hide columns   
In-Cycle comments Notes
Spreadsheet like logic capabilities Limited
In-platform Comp Expert Support  
Time to set-up & test 10 months 1 month
Allow partners to shadow planners Limited
BYO or generate PDF reward letters
Admins can control / edit data in platform (including mid-cycle) Limited
Integrations with data sanitation built-in  


How to integrate with UKG

Pequity can integrate UKG in 3 different ways: SFTP (most popular), API, and flat-file uploads. Your Pequity implementation partner will help you select the best integration path for your unique UKG configuration


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Who makes changes? What is required of the team lift-wise for implementing? 

Pequity’s implementation team collaborates with your POC to configure the comp cycle setup, and load the necessary data. The only lift on your team is to give feedback on the configuration, test [if necessary], and provide the employee data (whether it be via integration or manually).


What happens if a change needs to happen mid-cycle? Do you need to freeze?

Knowing how quickly comp teams need to respond mid-cycle, your team administrators can update, delete and/override any data or logic mid-cycle. For larger, more complex changes, Pequity’s support team will respond quickly to make it happen quickly. You do not need to freeze or pause the cycle in Pequity - since updates to employee data in UKG is only reflected in Pequity at company discretion/request.


How are managers trained?

Though Pequity’s platform is intuitive enough not to need formal manager training, Pequity offers white glove training to managers to get acquainted with their new and improved planning experience. Trainings typically take between 45 minutes to an hour.


How does the integration with UKG work?

  1. Pequity pulls the latest employee census data from UKG leading up to a compensation cycle
  2. Employee data is kept up-to-date at company discretion (pre and mid cycle)
  3. Upon cycle completion, Pequity exports a report configured to seamlessly load into UKG for reporting purposes

How does Pequity keep our compensation data secure?

Your data is safe with Pequity. Pequity boasts industry-leading data security and compliance practices including SOC2 Type 2, GDPR, SSO, MFA, and continuous security monitoring. Pequity’s platform locks down data, so you know your sensitive compensation information is not floating around the internet, or falling into the wrong hands.


Can the employee portal be hyperlinked into UKG?

A generic Pequity app link can be added to every employee’s UKG profile, where they can log in to access their employee portals.


Ready to integrate UKG with Pequity? Get started here.




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